Tri Gong

Tri Gong means to beat a reverberating brass gong.

Other phrases that are worthwhile to know include the word "Sawadee" followed by the word "Kaa" if You yare female and "Kaap" if you are male.

Ka and Kap are "polite terms" and you should use it if you wish to show politeness. The kaa and Kap terms are frequently used in the Thai language.

Another good phrase is "Mai Kaa" or "Mai Kap", which is a nice way to say “No thank you”..
"Kapun Kaa/kap" means thank you.

Below, are small tips from the webmaster.

If you learn a few Thai phrases, you will be more respected and better treated in general in Thailand (as well as in any country if you make the effort to learn a few phrases).
The “hello, where are you going” phrase you often here when traveling in the evening is a direct translation of the Thai phrase “bay ninaa kaa/kap” used by Thai people when they meet. The Ninaa should be pronounced with a rising tone by the aa…